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Presenting the Interview Series, where, every week we speak to your favorite creators, and learn about their work and how they are using our platform to enhance their community.

On our thirty-third blog in this series, we speak to Aliza Jabri, Creator on

In this interview series, we speak to her about her creative interests, what she majorly writes, her favorite genre when it comes to reading, listening, and looking for content on social media, and her experience with the platform,, and much more.

How has positively impacted your earnings? has significantly boosted my earnings as a writer through its innovative platform. One notable success story is the increased visibility and engagement my work has received. The reader-friendly interface and collaborative features have allowed me to connect more effectively with my audience, resulting in higher readership and, subsequently, increased income.

Moreover,'s revenue-sharing model ensures that I directly benefit from the success of my content. The platform's transparent analytics provide insights into the performance of my articles, helping me tailor my content to better resonate with readers and maximize earnings.

In essence, has transformed my writing into a more lucrative venture by offering a dynamic platform, fostering reader interaction, and providing clear pathways for revenue growth.

Share your experience with the usability of Has it simplified the process of monetizing your content compared to other platforms you've used? has been a game-changer for me as an author. Unlike other web novel platforms, stands out with its transparency and respect for authors' rights. I appreciate the platform's commitment to notifying me of every sale and providing a clear picture of my book's performance. This level of transparency, coupled with the assurance that I retain full copyright control over my work, has made my preferred choice. It has positively impacted my earnings, offering a satisfying and trustworthy space to share my books without compromising on transparency or ownership. It's truly a platform that aligns with my values as a writer.

Have you noticed increased engagement with your audience since using How has the community aspect of the platform contributed to your success?

Absolutely! has significantly enhanced my engagement with readers. The transparency of the platform and the real-time notifications for each comment have made the whole process more interactive. Unlike other web novel platforms, stands out with its clear communication and user-friendly interface.

Moreover, the community aspect fosters a sense of connection. Readers can easily share their thoughts, and this interaction not only enriches the reading experience but also contributes to the success of my work. The support and feedback from the community have been invaluable in shaping the trajectory of my writing journey.

Describe any interactions you've had with our customer support team. How satisfied are you with the assistance you've received?

My interactions with the customer support team have been nothing short of exceptional. Their responsiveness is remarkable, addressing any queries or concerns with impressive speed. The team consistently goes above and beyond to resolve issues promptly. The level of satisfaction I've experienced with their assistance sets apart, making it a reliable platform with top-notch customer support.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with as a monetization platform for your content? What features or aspects stand out the most for you?

I wholeheartedly rate my satisfaction with at a solid 9. What truly distinguishes is the unwavering commitment to reader convenience. The platform's provision of diverse payment modes has significantly improved the accessibility of my content, catering to a wider audience and enhancing the overall reading experience.

Beyond this, the continuous innovation exhibited by sets it apart from other platforms. The introduction of new features is not merely a formality but a strategic enhancement of the writer's toolkit. The AI art creator, in particular, has become an indispensable asset in my creative process. Its user-friendly interface has streamlined the design of captivating images and covers for my books, contributing to the overall visual appeal and marketability of my work.

The synergy of these elements makes not just a monetization platform but a dynamic and evolving space that adapts to the needs of both writers and readers.

So creators around the world, what are you waiting for? Start creating, and earning from your fans, followers, and friends -'s got you covered. Join us and get featured as one of the top creators in the Interview Series.

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