How to build a digital home for yourself on Web 3.0 (for free)

You can now create a digital home (the only profile you will ever need) in under two minutes and use it to showcase everything from your social media handles, your CV, your contact information, your interests, articles, ebooks, podcasts, videos, monetize your work and much more. Only on ScrollStack.

The internet has allowed us to express ourselves like never before. We use Instagram to show the beauty in the world (and in ourselves), LinkedIn to get access to more opportunities, Facebook to stay in touch with our friends and family, Twitter to connect with the world and share our thoughts (and outrage), WhatsApp to (not always, but mostly) engage with our families and debunking fake news, selling products as a small business, tracking your loved ones to ensure their safety and so much more. 

We are no longer relying on just conventional jobs to make a career or run after publishers to get our books published. We now have an audience of millions and some more to showcase our talent and turn them into customers by selling our art.

We are closer to being global citizens today than at any other time in our history. Our digital footprint is far bigger and more impressive than anything we could ever manage IRL - and it is free (for most part). 

What’s been missing is a place where you could consolidate everything you are and more. A platform that will be your home, a profile where everyone can find you and a place where you can showcase every aspect of who you are. 

And that’s where we come in.

On ScrollStack, you can create content, set the price and charge your fans for it. Why should platforms like Instagram and Facebook make money off your hard work, while all you get is ‘likes’.  There has never been a better time for creators to sell digital goods online - ebooks, comics, reports, stories, NFTs, music, videos, courses, and everything else that creators are producing.  

Sounds intimidating? Don’t worry, we’ve figured out everything for you. Just start creating and we will take care of all logistics. At ScrollStack, you can set up your own digital goods store in under 2 mins. No technical integration needed, and it's completely free.
You can even use your ScrollStack profile to apply for jobs. Instead of worrying about which font, format, etc. to pick while creating a CV, just upload all your information, links to previous work etc. on your profile and in minutes you will have a CV that’s accessible and easy to read and share. 

We know how hard it is to get conventional publishing houses to publish your work. Even when they do it, the money you make for all your hard work is not even the bare minimum. Why should Amazon and similar platforms take all your profits? 

We have eliminated that pain and upfront cost out of the process. Authors get their own private web address that is setup as easy as a social media account - it takes less than two minutes. All authors need to do is upload their eBooks and start selling. They decide the price, own all the rights and keep 90% of what they charge.

Thousands of creators use ScrollStack every day to create, distribute, monetise their digital goods, following and more. What are you waiting for? We are just getting started and many more cool features are in store for you to experiment with. 

Join us and let’s build a home for you on Web 3.0.

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