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Digital Goods (E-books)

As a creator, if you are looking to sell online, the most important thing you will want to make sure of is having a reliable hosting account that's both secure and well-managed. You would also want to make sure that the website looks beautiful and easy to manage. promises you that environment!

Here are the different ways in which you can monetize your content with,


Support on solves these challenges and makes collecting money from your fans easy and fast. Anywhere in the world.

What is it, Exactly?

Support is a way for creators to enable one-time contributions from their followers, without any technology integrations or skills. Your followers can contribute to you from around the world. For example, your followers from India and the US can send you contributions with equal ease, using their preferred local payment methods.

Is it Easy to Setup and Use?

Creating a successful platform requires making something that's easy to use. Check out the video for the step-by-step process.

How do I best use the Support feature?

Here are 3 simple things you should do to make the most of the Support feature:

1. Make sure all your followers, across all social platforms, know that they can support you on ScrollStack. You might be hesitant about asking for contributions - most creators are. However, our experience proves that supporters actually want to pay you for your work, and they don’t know how to!

2. Add your ScrollStack profile link in the bio of your social media accounts. As you gain followers on various platforms, it’s important for them to know where they can support you, without you having to remind them.

3. Link to your ScrollStack profile in your other publications. If you run a free newsletter or publish content across platforms, include a link to your ScrollStack profile and encourage people to support you if they find value in your work. 

What's the Cost?

Support is free to use*, but there is a transaction fee charged on all payments by the payment processors. You'll be charged a 2.5% transaction fee and get to keep 97.5% of your earnings. We may introduce a small platform fee in the future.

b. Micropayments

Mobile transactions now dominate the way people pay for goods (see chart below). As a result, digital micropayments have become practical for the very first time. Big technological investments and shifts (e.g. bio-metrics on smartphones for secure transactions) are all pointing towards an even more seamless experience for users.

At, we have set out to use the underlying infrastructure revolution to make paying for content as easy as buying a physical product on Amazon. It's easier to sell a $500 smartwatch today, but it's very difficult for a creator to charge $1 or INR 25 for a 2500 word long piece. It shouldn't be this hard. Our mission is to make it easy for creators to charge small amounts for their content, and sell their content to a global audience. is the first step on this journey. Creators can charge their followers in Indian Rupees, Dollars, and Euros with prices as low as Rs. 10 in India and US $1 or €1 elsewhere. This will enable a global marketplace for content that allows creators to convert their social media followership into meaningful monetization.

c. Digital Goods

Over the last few weeks, we have made some big updates - improving how users can showcase their creative content ranging from multi-media posts to books to even audio stories. This release is the next big step - you can now quickly add ‘digital goods’ - ebooks, photographs, audio, or video, in multiple file formats. All of them work with our one-click distribution to WhatsApp, email, and social media.

Without further wait, let's look at an example of a digital product and explore how it might help you grow your business:

Online Courses

An online course is simply a digital version of an in-classroom course except that you teach online via video, text, and audio assets. Your customers can take your course in their own time without having to fuss about meeting deadlines or other chores. Adding on to the comfort, allows you to create courses of different sizes at different price points. Keep it free or charge for it, your Choice!

E-books have been increasingly growing in population year over year. Experts predict that this new digital medium of reading will eventually take over physical books in terms of sales. The best part about selling an e-book is once you complete the product, you don't have to do any further work, other than marketing, of course.

As the writer, you get to decide on the e-book's length and content. You can self-publish it on your website by chapter or as the entire book, your Choice!

So creators around the world, what are you waiting for? Start creating, and earning from your fans, followers, and friends -'s got you covered.

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