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Writers Fund by

Getting Writers Paid for Stories

At, we are committed to providing writers all the tools they need to make money. Our latest effort is a Writers Fund to help independent writers launch their new book with a minimum income guarantee. We want writers to focus on their craft, and not worry about how, when, and where they will earn from their latest book.


INR 10,000 for your fiction story of min 50,000 words


  1. Any fiction writer with at least 1,000 followers on one of the social reading or listening platforms e.g. Wattpad, Pratilipi, PocketFM, Kuku FM, and others

  2. Ready to publish a new book with at least 50,000 words

  3. The book is in one of the following languages : Hindi, English, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Telugu

  4. The funding is only available for fiction at the moment. We will expand the program to other categories soon.


  1. Create an account on and build out your profile. Literally takes 5 mins!

  2. Send us an email at with the following:

    - A Link to your account

    - Links to your social reading platform accounts

    - Details about your new book - genre, length, language

  3. Our team will then coordinate with you on the next steps.


  1. Funding amount for each qualifying writer is INR 10,000

  2. You will receive the funding amount:

    1. One week after the book is published if published in its entirety 

    2. Once 50% of the book is published if published in chapters


  1. Each qualifying book has to be available as a Paid book on the writer's

  2. All books are to be priced at INR 50 to maximize their sales. If the book is to be sold in chapters, two chapters are to be released at a time and priced at INR 15.

  3. Writers will promote their book to their fans across their social reading and social media platforms.

  4. The funding is an advance against all of your earnings from the book on Here is how it will work:

    - Let’s say your book is priced at INR 50 for your fans to buy, and you sell 500 copies of the book.

    - Your total earnings will be INR 12,500. You will receive INR 10,000 of that up front when you publish your book. The remaining INR 2500 will be paid out to you as per monthly creator payouts - as and when your book sells.

    - If your total earnings are less than INR 10,000, you still get to keep the entire amount of INR 10,000. You do not need to return the difference to

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