Interview Series with Colin D'Cunha

Introducing the Interview Series, where, every week we speak to your favorite creators, learn about their work and how they are using our platform to enhance their community.

On our fourth blog in this series, we speak to Colin D'Cunha

Colin majors in Sports journalism. In this interview series, we speak to him about his creative interests, what does he majorly write, his favorite genre when it comes to reading, listening, and looking for content on social media, and his experience with the platform,, and much more.

What was your biggest expectation from when you created your account?

Increased reach on a cleaner, neater platform. I’ve learned that you can write the most artistic content, but if it isn’t presented very well, it irks the readers.

How helpful was in catering to the expectation?’s page layout is super neat, that’s for sure. That and the fact that the platform is constantly thinking on its feet to come up with new features just raises every creator’s game.

What do you majorly write about?

My content starts and ends with sports. I’m a sports journalism student so I’m kind of using my page as a portfolio of sorts for when I’m on the lookout for jobs in the industry.

Tell us about some of your successful blogs? How did your readers react to it?

The reaction has been more or less the same across the board. It’s a well-thought-out platform and it’s nice and orderly, which means readers don’t have to worry about nonsensical advertisements popping up everywhere. All the focus is on the content, which is great for creators.

With introducing new features with time, do you think that has contributed to the ease of creating content on the platform?

The monetizing bit is a gamechanger for creators. I haven’t used it yet, but to have that facility helps creators a ton.

In order to get to know more about the monetization features on for writers, check out this post,

Any suggestions you would like to give us as a team to focus more on?

It’s less of a suggestion and more of a request, actually. Some creators (like me) picked our names on a whim. I have a kickass idea for a name now, so allowing a change in the subdomain name would be great!

What is your favorite genre when it comes to reading, listening, or looking for content on social media?

Long-form content on anything related to culture. Give me 5,000 words on why the horror genre is reinventing itself any day and I will lap it up.

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