Welfare, Kardashians, Self-Defeat, and This Week in Music: Here's what's trending on stck.me this week

This week, Anisha Saigal writes about the Kardashians. "The Kardashians and the Jenners are bigger than most of us. Then why is it that someone sitting in their bedroom in India is hating so fervently on them? Do we hate them because they are fake? Do we dislike them for their notoriety? Do we hate them cause it’s intellectually cool?," she writes.

Meanwhile, Rishad Tobaccowala writes on Self-Defeat. "The future usually does not emerge from the gatherings at Davos, The Allen Conference or at TED but where no one is looking or visiting. The Auto companies were looking at each other and they missed Tesla and Uber. Procter and Gamble missed Dollar Shave Club. IBM missed Microsoft. And today Tik Tok has more engagement than every Facebook property combined. So, let’s meet the crazy folks who have an idea, go off the beaten path and not take ourselves too seriously," he writes.

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