Interview Series with Devansh Malak

Introducing the Interview Series, where, every week we speak to your favorite creators, and learn about their work and how they are using our platform to enhance their community.

On our twelfth blog in this series, we speak to Devansh Malak.

Devansh writes about love, kindness, and everything about it!

In this interview series, we speak to him about his creative interests, what he majorly writes, his favorite genre when it comes to reading, listening, and looking for content on social media, and his experience with the platform,, and much more.

What was your biggest expectation from when you created your account?

I wanted to reach an audience who could relate to my content. Be it in the form of stories, poems, or shorts. I always felt there should be a platform which should be dedicated to the artists and their art, in I found that.

While other platforms project themselves to connect with the personal life of each other, is easily the best platform if someone wants to connect with the art of a person, something which is on the inside, something which matters.

How helpful was in catering to the expectation? is everything that I expected it to be. Yes, it would be too early to call it perfect but as far as the expectations I have associated with it, it would be the biggest platform for artists to project their work and earn from it. I have seen the management team answering my emails and my concerns and I truly wish this remains the same.

What do you majorly write about?

I write creative non-fiction. My words are mostly inspired by the people I find rich in kindness. They could be my friends, acquaintances, or a stranger sitting at a distance. I have a habit of finding love in the small things which I come across and that is what I write. I write emotions accompanied by love and kindness.

Tell us about some of your successful blogs? How did your readers react to it?

I think I have just started and there is a long way to go. I call my work successful even if it reaches a single person with the same intent as it was written with. I have always felt strongly about human emotions and writing gives me the liberty to explore the same. So for me what's successful might not have too many likes or shares but it would definitely have a connection with the reader. “Erasing the subconscious” is one of my writings that I am proud of. In a world where people are finding love virtually, my story talks about the subconscious nature of human beings which forces them to relate their definitions of love in the real world.

The people who have read my stories are fascinated by the fact that I keep them open-ended. The only reason for me to do that is because I always feel that storytelling is a never-ending process. Stories don't end. Even if a character is dead the people left behind have a story to tell so for me stories are always open-ended and I think that’s something that readers love.

With introducing new features with time, do you think that has contributed to the ease of creating content on the platform?

Definitely yes. It has introduced features that make a go-to platform for me. The best part about it is that everything is very easy to access. From writing a post to publishing an ebook to managing the newsletter, it not only has everything but it has it in a way that even a newbie can understand and use very easily.

Any suggestions you would like to give us as a team to focus more on?

Just one. The initiative that you started means a lot to the artists around the world. It gives them the opportunity to get what their art deserves and that kind of transparency is not seen in today’s time. Just be always honest to your people, the one who would make it the way you and your team has dreamed of. 

What is your favorite genre when it comes to reading, listening, or looking for content on social media?

I love reading poetry, I believe the essence of words lies in poetry. There are some really good poets on social media too and I love their content. I mostly listen to instrumentals and Sufi music which is hard to find on social media but then going back to Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab always helps.

Anything which is raw, which comes directly from the heart without any filter is something that I am always interested in. 

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