Interview Series with Priyanka Aggarwal

Presenting the Interview Series, where, every week we speak to your favorite creators, and learn about their work and how they are using our platform to enhance their community.

On our fourteenth blog in this series, we speak to Priyanka Aggarwal.

Priyanka is a cinephile and blogs about genres that cater to the content related to cinema.

In this interview series, we speak to her about her creative interests, what she majorly writes, her favorite genre when it comes to reading, listening, and looking for content on social media, and her experience with the platform,, and much more.

What was your biggest expectation from when you created your account?

When I created my account on my expectation was majorly from myself, I wanted to write something which will appeal to the readers and convey my opinions and perceptions regarding the movies we see. When I created the account on, I was looking for a platform that will help me in connecting with the people easily and was easy to use.

To be honest, has given me more than that.

How helpful was in catering to the expectation? as a platform has been very helpful for me. It has not only given me a platform to share my viewpoint but also a place that I can revisit whenever I need comfort or freshness with my work. As I want to create a community for film lovers, the platform is acting as a very nice bridge in the whole process.

What do you majorly write about?

I basically write about 3 things- Cinema, cinema, and cinema. Movies are something that has been a part of me be it consciously or subconsciously. There is always a movie running on the backside of my head. Just a projector and 70mm screen.

Tell us about some of your successful blogs? How did your readers react to it?

The word successful for me is not about being able to reach a certain number of people. If my write-up is appreciated or read by a handful of people and they find it interesting and are able to make something out of it that is also enough for me. If I want to talk about any blog in particular then, it would be my write-up for Gehraiyaan and the recent one which I wrote about Chungking Express.

With introducing new features with time, do you think that has contributed to the ease of creating content on the platform?

The platform has been evolving a lot with time. And with the introduction of new features, it has been pretty easy and fun while working with the platform. 

Any suggestions you would like to give us as a team to focus more on? as a team has always been helpful to the creators who tend to do something in the world of writing. You have been true to their and your vision. My only suggestion is that you be like this forever; a team full of energy and enthusiasm for writing.

What is your favorite genre when it comes to reading, listening, or looking for content on social media?

As I'm a film buff so cinema tops my list but the following order is not so rigid. I read, listen and scroll through content on social depending upon what I'll be writing next or what I'll be doing in the upcoming hour. Sometimes, I also like to go with the flow but if you say cinema then I'll be up for a discussion even at wee hours.

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