Interview Series with Aradhye Ackshatt

Presenting the Interview Series, where, every week we speak to your favorite creators, and learn about their work and how they are using our platform to enhance their community.

On our fifteenth blog in this series, we speak to Aradhye Ackshatt.

Aradhye is the author of A Life Afloat. He is also a backpacker and a creator on

In this interview series, we speak to him about his creative interests, what he majorly writes, his favorite genre when it comes to reading, listening, and looking for content on social media, and his experience with the platform,, and much more.

What was your biggest expectation from when you created your account?

I expected my own little corner on the world wide web, without the rigmarole of buying a domain and the hassles of maintaining it. If others visited and felt good, they would be more than welcome to start a conversation, share positive vibes, and in their kindness, support me if they so chose.

How helpful was in catering to the expectation?

Extremely helpful, especially because I have a multifaceted output of creativity - words, videos, audios, photos, raps/rhymes - I embrace every way and method of expression. I digress by nature, and so, a multimedia nook where I could display all my mind's wares is highly satisfying.

What do you majorly write about?

Pop-culture (usually Marvel Studios), but as I said, my mind wanders to all corners of all universes, and so do my creations.  

Tell us about some of your successful blogs? How did your readers react to it?

I did a couple of audio clips in (a sort of) my native dialect that I named Bihari Bakar; they struck a chord with people even outside of stck's sphere of influence (I think). Of course, as is the usual case due to the deluge of new "content" being churned out every second, those audios are now way down in my stck, but I think they garnered dozens of hearts. In fact, I am uploading a new one today; let's see how the internet reacts!

With introducing new features with time, do you think that has contributed to the ease of creating content on the platform?

Yes, almost every updated feature adds value to the platform, although I must admit that I am not an expert at evaluating UX / UI. I just write/record things and upload them; it certainly helps to have a nice, clean interface that is uncomplicated. Would love a comments option though. 

Any suggestions you would like to give us as a team to focus more on?

As I just mentioned, an option to post comments (moderated by stck owner, of course) would be great; people wanted to comment on my short story (Wistful Window Washer) but couldn't. It would lead to conversations, like in YouTube comments.

What is your favorite genre when it comes to reading, listening, or looking for content on social media?

I like to think that my interests transcend genres - or, to put it mildly, are not bound by genres. I love absorbing pop culture in an all-encompassing way, plus good old literature (sci-fi and high fantasy), and sports (specifically football, cricket, and Formula 1).

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