Announcing a new way to create ebooks and long reports on ScrollStack

If you have been looking to make your ebook or that 100-page report filled with charts and mathematical equations available to readers and charge for it, we have a new way that allows you to do just that. 

In our latest update for file uploads support – that works just like podcasts or audio stories – you can add PDF files to your posts (up to 150 MB in size). 

If your work – reports/ebooks/tutorials – is not in that format, you can simply convert to PDF. You can then make your post either free for all, free only for followers or paid.

If you wish to be ambitious, get a URL just for this book. ScrollStack co-founder Samir Patil explains here why it's important for authors to ensure that their books have a web address that can be easily searched and discovered on the open internet. 

Here's how to use the new PDF feature in your posts:

First, click on the black and white plus sign to expand the editor menu and select the third paperclip icon

From the drop-down menu, select the PDF option to upload a file from your device.

You can click on the link to upload the file and your readers can download to their device. 

This is what your PDF file will look like in your post.




This functionality is a way to incorporate your work that has complex formatting – like graphs  or mathematical notations. It is also the right option if you prefer to make your ebook available along with an introductory chapter and the rest as a free or paid  PDF. 

There are three ways the PDF upload feature can be best used on ScrollStack.

  1. Here's an example of an ebook uploaded as PDF and made available as a free post to readers.

  2. Here's an example of MIT's psychology course tutorial (books and lecture slides) that has been made available to readers for free.

  3. Here's an example of a 43-page UN body climate change report full of charts and tables that has been made available for free.

You can also choose to make each of these posts either free for your followers or paid. You can charge your followers as low as Rs. 10 in India and US $1 or €1 elsewhere and reach a global audience.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

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